GPS Tracking – Heavy Equipment Operators and Renters

    GPS Tracking Solutions for Heavy Equipment Operators and Renters

    Companies that own and operate heavy machinery always face the threat of losing their investments to theft or misuse. Many companies spend extra time and money keeping these assets protected in inefficient and often cumbersome ways. There is an easier way to keep track of this equipment while saving time and money.

    Business Needs:

    In what ways could you save time and money by adding GPS tracking to your heavy equipment?
    Are there other needs besides GPS tracking that you can be applied for monitoring your heavy equipment?
    Does your equipment constantly move from site to site and need to be protected?


    Instead of spending extra money to secure heavy and expensive equipment daily, businesses can have peace of mind no matter where their equipment is by securing it with a GPS tracking system. By adding a tracking unit to each piece of equipment, companies can keep a constant visibility on where their assets are at all times.


    With the Track Everything GPS tracking platform, users not only have the option to track their equipment, but also what is going on within and around it. External and internal motion detection, temperature sensors, fuel measurement and even water detection can be added. The many GPS tracking devices integrated on the Track Everything GPS tracking solution allows for these customizations and much more to help equipment operators secure their assets.


    Track heavy equipment such as generators, storage units and other valuable assets is important to the security of a company and it’s assets. The devices listed below can be used for a variety of GPS monitoring needs for heavy equipment and machinery. By using the geofence feature on the Track Everything platform, users can set up a defined field in which an asset cannot leave without an alert being generated. Also, sensors can be attached to many of these devices for increased security and maintenance monitoring. For example, a generator can be equipped with a GPS device that can also monitor fuel levels and even use a dedicated sensor to detect water in fuel. Both which can save both time and money in the field. Other sensors such as temperature and contact magnet can be used to ensure security of heavy equipment that companies often rely heavily upon.

    GPS Tracking Devices

    -Cal-Amp LMU-1100
    -Cal-Amp TTU-1200
    -Sanav CT-58
    -Enfora MT-GU

    GPS Tracking Sensors

    -PTO (power take off)
    -Fuel Sensor
    -Temperature Sensor
    -Contact open and close