Waste Management Needs to Function Efficiently

GPS Tracking Solutions for the Waste Management Industry

Disposing of waste products is a difficult and time-consuming job. In order to make this job efficient for the budgeting of time and money, managers need an easy to use, productive system to monitor the collection of waste–waste management fleet tracking.

Business Needs:

Do you feel that your drivers might be operating your vehicles in an inefficient or destructive way?
How can you be sure that the correct truck is covering its assigned route?
In what way do you monitor your assets when they are not in use?


Keeping an organization running in an efficient way is a difficult task. New tools are constantly required to maintain this environment of productivity. With a GPS tracking system, managers of a waste management organization can be sure to keep their vehicles and assets safe from theft. In addition, this allows for managers to increase efficiency and productivity, while eliminating unauthorized use, wasted time and the loss of money.


With Track Everything’s waste management fleet tracking software platform, managers have a variety of efficient and productive monitoring tools. They can assign specific parameters to the various assets needed for waste management. These parameters include a specific route, operator name, and even how fast the asset is allowed to travel.


Tracking a waste management vehicle on the Track Everything GPS tracking platform gives businesses an edge by ensuring managers that drivers are doing there job. Vehicles can be an equipped with a variety of GPS tracking devices. For this solution, trackers with external antennas are more beneficial and accurate. Sensors can be installed for fuel levels, Power Take Off (to determine when and where the trucks compactor is activated) and even temperature.

GPS Tracking Devices

-Xirgo XT-4500-G
-Enfora MT-GU
-Cal-Amp LMU-4200
-Cybergraphy G200S

GPS Tracking Sensors

-PTO Sensor
-Fuel Sensor
-Temperature Sensor
-Contact open and close