GPS tracking solutions for your industry.

GPS tracking is widely used in the transportation industry.

Go the extra mile with the increased fuel economy and improved fleet efficiency you’ll gain from Track Everything’s GPS tracking solution for the transportation industry, while at the same time lowering risks and bettering regulatory compliance. Learn more »

GPS Tracking Software solutions for government.

Our LBS solution for government is specifically designed for all agencies and supports security, emergency, infrastructure, law enforcement, and a variety of other tracking applications. Better manage crises, and make better decisions with Track Everything. Learn more »

Utilities fleets are often extremely large and mobile. A GPS platform can help simplify dispatching and routing.

Maximize the productivity of utilities equipment and personnel with our GPS tracking solution for utilities, featuring integrated work order management. Optimize routes and improve operations and disaster and storm response with high accountability. Learn more »

Cable & Telecom
Custom cable and telecom solutions for your GPS tracking and software needs.

Our GPS tracking platform can dispatch the closest available worker to a location, and send customers a dedicated link so that they can track where a service member is currently located. Increase customer satisfaction like you never thought possible. Learn more »

Child Protection
GPS tracking lets you always be able to find your children if they become lost.

With our GPS tracking platform, parents have a variety of device options and customizations that they can use to locate their children if they become lost. Several devices even offer SOS buttons and two-way voice communication over the cellular network. Learn more »

Construction fleets can be large and high-value, making tracking essential.

The Track Everything GPS tracking platform allows construction companies to track vehicles and assets both during the workday and when in storage through the use of durable GPS devices that will stand up to any job site, increasing efficiencies and reducing fraud and waste. Learn more »

GPS for Delivery Tracking

Companies that make their profit by delivering goods need to move them from location to location in the most efficient, economical way. This means that employers must make sure that there are no inefficient practices that take place in their delivery companies. Learn more »

Elderly Care
Help ensure that elders who get lost or wander off will be quickly found.

GPS tracking software allows nursing home workers and private caretakers to maintain constant contact with an elderly adult prone to wandering or getting lost. Alerts can be generated based on location status, movement, changes in pressure, and even a customizable alert button. Learn more »

Field Services
Custom field service solutions for your GPS tracking and software needs.

SMBs need to be especially cost-conscious. Landscaping, pool maintenance, painting, pest control and other small businesses can monitor and dispatch employees, save time and money, eliminate waste and lower insurance costs with GPS tracking for their service vehicle fleets. Learn more »

Food & Beverage Service
Increase vehicle and delivery efficiencies by knowing where a delivery is and where it needs to go.

Food service companies rely on delivery vehicles and mobile distribution points. Using a GPS tracking platform to keep track of deliveries and mobile distribution assets ensures both security of the product and increases the efficiency of supply delivery. Learn more »

Heavy Equipment
GPS Tracking Software can help secure high-value heavy equipment.

Securing expensive equipment is key for heavy equipment owners. Now businesses can have peace of mind by securing it with a GPS tracking system and maintaining a constant awareness of both where their equipment is at all times and the conditions it’s operating in. Learn more »

GPS can often save you money not only by increasing efficiency, but also by lowering insurance premiums.

Lowering insurance costs can be a huge savings for a company. Insurance companies often offer lower rates to GPS-equipped fleets, and our report engine can generate detailed analytics and stats about driving habits to ensure drivers are operating safely. Learn more »

Law Enforcement
Law enforcement can use GPS tracking platforms for a wide variety of purposes.

Law enforcement has varied needs that are well-served by GPS tracking devices and software: Dispatchers know the location of units at all times, improving officer and public safety and response times, and warranted suspect tracking is easily accomplished. Learn more »

Oil, Gas & Mining
Oil and gas and mining operations can all benefit from GPS technology.

GPS tracking software allows Operations to keep track of locations in the field and of equipment moving in and out of mining areas, as well as to personally track miners and other personnel working in potentially dangerous areas. Learn more »

Pet Tracking
Finding a lost pet quickly can be of the utmost importance in ensuring its safety.

Pets are a part of the family, and anyone who’s ever lost a pet knows the heartache involved. Small GPS tracking devices and software can help quickly locate missing pets that have ran off or become lost before any harm comes to them. Learn more »

Rental Car Services
We have many GPS solutions available to help increase the efficiency of rental car services.

Renting out mobile assets like cars and boats can be extremely profitable, but also extremely risky — you’re loaning assets to total strangers. GPS platforms expedite tracking and timely return of assets, and also allow asset recovery if need be. Learn more »

Security services can use GPS to track a variety of assets.

Security services are responsible for the protection of personnel, vehicles, and other assets. Monitoring and tracking those assets with a GPS tracking platform is a cost-effective way to help guarantee the protection of all your assets. Learn more »

Teen Driver Tracking
Teen drivers need both freedom and protection.

Our GPS tracking platform can help parents give their teens both freedom and protection. Parents can set up alerts for speed, perimeter breach and even hours of operation, and have these alerts sent automatically via text message or email. Learn more »

VIP Tracking
VIP tracking is efficiently done with a GPS tracking platform.

VIP tracking can pose many challenges, but these challenges can be overcome through the use of a GPS tracking platform. Many small and unobstrusive devices exist to allow critical information like the location and speed of a VIP to be tracked with precision. Learn more »

Waste Management
Waste management GPS tracking can monitor the vehicle's route, compactor, fuel and many other parameters.

Tracking a waste management vehicle on our GPS tracking platform ensures managers that drivers are doing their job. Routes are easily tracked, and sensors can be installed for fuel, determining when the truck’s compactor is activated, and even temperature. Learn more »