GPS Monitoring – VIP Tracking


Physical business assets often require constant surveillance, but important people also require surveillance. An organization, such as a large company or even a government, often needs solutions to track important people to ensure their safety.

Business Needs:

How do you want to track this individual?
In what ways do you need to secure the safety of the VIP you are looking to monitor?
Is this person going to be aware that they are being tracked?


Tracking an individual often requires their knowledge. In this case, a GPS wristwatch or ankle bracelet is required for VIP tracking. If this person is unaware that they are being monitored, a GPS device must be implanted in a device that is always with that person, such as a purse, brief case or cell phone.


With the Track Everything GPS tracking platform, there is a large selection of small devices that can be used to track important individuals. These devices come in many sizes and shapes. Many of them can also be programmed to trigger customizable alerts with the simple push of a button. In addition, the personal information of the individual that is being tracked can be added to their individual profile for quick retrieval.


VIP Tracking requires a small GPS device. By using a discreet device such as the Sanav GL-200 to locate an important individual such as a CEO. A panic button can be programmed to send an email or text message alert to a predefined contact within the Track Everything platform. Some devices even have the capability to place a two-way phone call just like a cell phone. Vehicle trackers such as the LMU-1200 from Cal-Amp can also be installed in a VIPs car and fitted with a panic button that generates the same alert as a portable tracker.

GPS Tracking Devices

-Enfora Mini-MT
-StarNav PT-33
-Leipac S-911
-IntelliTrac P1 Series

GPS Tracking Sensors

-Panic Button
-Panic button