Utility Company GPS Tracking


Organizations that maintain and upgrade public and private utilities have a large array of vehicles and equipment that they need to maintain and monitor. Also, there are many different variables that need to be monitored on these assets.

Objective Questions:

How does your organization monitor the location of its various assets?
In what way is location-based service involved in dispatching your repair units?
What kind of improvements could be made to your companies overall work flow?


With a utility company GPS tracking system, companies can greatly increase their overall performance and efficiency. With a GPS solution, utility companies can label stationary assets, track various mobile assets and even route them to specific locations based on the closest team.


The features available on the Track Everything platform are a perfect fit for the many needs of utility company GPS tracking. With our platform, utility companies can track where their assets are, who is in charge of them, and much more. They can even label stationary assets (such as utility poles or operation stations) so that dispatchers can make notes about locations and even send the closest team to these assets.


Utility companies who manage water, energy and gas lines can track their mobile assets with a variety of GPS devices. Vehicles can be tracked using devices such as the Cal-Amp LMU-800 or the Xirgo XT-2000 series. These devices can track a variety of vehicles, while also monitoring a large variety of sensors including PTO, Fuel, contact magnet and even temperature. The Track Everything GPS tracking platform can track these devices on a large scale for deployment and security needs. Businesses can even submit their own mapping data to Track Everything GPS tracking platform so that 3rd party data such as water, power or gas lines can be added to a businesses platform for easy deployment of work crews.


-Cal-Amp LMU-800
-StarNav Rover-9
-Enfora Spider SA
-Xirgo XT-1900-S


-PTO (power take off)
-Fuel Sensor
-Temperature Sensor
-Contact open and close