GPS Tracking Security


Many companies are dedicated to the security of some kind of asset. Whether that asset is a person, place or thing, that company needs all the tools that they can get to guarantee the continued safety of that important asset, including our GPS tracking security solution.

Business Needs:

What kind of assets is your security company responsible for?
In what ways do you need to stay informed about the condition & location of the assets you are hired to secure?
Do you need to be able to share and separate assets that need to be monitored?
Do you need to provide constant monitoring service to your clients?


Security teams need a quick and easy way to monitor their assigned assets with a minimal amount of work and hassle. This requires a flexible software platform that also has a variety of devices that can be put to good use.


The Track Everything GPS tracking platform was built with security in mind. Not only is the software secure, but also extremely easy to deploy and access anywhere. The long list of devices that are integrated on the Track Everything software platform offer security companies a wide range of hardware and software customization options, which allows them to protect their responsibilities in many ways. Ultimately, this allows security companies to reach users in many ways. The result is better business numbers and increased profit.


There are several different security solutions that can be addressed with the Track Everything GPS tracking security platform. Companies can create personal solutions for GPS with the wide variety of portable GPS tracking devices integrated on the Track Everything platform (see Child, VIP and Elderly tracking). Several devices also have the ability to broadcast video and audio for constant video surveillance and geo-location. Other sensors can be added to these devices to ensure the safety and security of an asset. RFID readers can be used to uniquely identify users; Fuel sensors can be used to guard a machines precious gas supply and so much more.

GPS Tracking Devices

-Sanav MU-201
-Enfora Mini-MT
-Xirgo XT-2000-O
-Cal-Amp LMU-1200

GPS Tracking Sensors

-RFID Reader
-PTO Sensor
-Fuel Sensor
-Temperature Sensor
-Contact open and close