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GPS Tracking Solutions for Pet Tracking

Pets are a part of the family, and anyone who’s ever lost a pet knows the heartache involved. Small GPS tracking devices and software can help quickly locate missing pets that have run off or become lost before any harm comes to them.

Business Needs:

How often does your pet leave your home?
Does your pet spend long periods of time outdoors?
Do you have any provision for the protection and safety of your pet?


If your pet ever goes missing, you as an owner want to quickly find them before something bad happens to them. That is why having a GPS collar for your pet is a valuable investment. Instead of losing Spot forever, you can quickly track Spot and retrieve him.


The Track Everything GPS tracking platform gives pet owners a number of hardware options to keep track of their favorite pet. By attaching a small GPS tracking device to the collar or harness of their pet, owners can track the movements of their pet. They can even put the pet’s name, picture, description and tag id number for easy identification.


By attaching one of the GPS devices listed below to a pet’s collar or harness, pet owners can be assured that their pet will be safe. The Track Everything GPS tracking platform allows pet owners to quickly locate and retrieve their pet should they ever get loose. An RFID reader can be used to identify a pet or stock animals in large groups. Most devices are also equipped with a microphone so users can easily listen in to what their pet is doing. This is all thanks to the dedicated devices and software of the Track Everything GPS tracking platform.

GPS Tracking Devices

-IntelliTrac P1 Series
-Sanav MU-201
-Xirgo XT-2200

GPS Tracking Sensors

-RFID Reader