GPS Tracking – Oil, Gas and Mining

GPS Tracking – Oil, Gas and Mining

Mining is a very equipment and safety intensive business. In order to keep workers, equipment and other resources, administrators and managers need a way to keep track of what is going on and off the mining site.

Business Needs:

How do you keep track of your assets on and off of the mining site?
What solutions does your operation need to make it more efficient?
How geographically spread is your mining operation?


Operation of a mining company requires coordination of many different factors. A GPS tracking platform would be greatly beneficial to such an operation. Dispatchers would be given a variety of options to manage and direct vehicles as they enter and leave the mining site. In addition, all equipment would be secure and protected from theft and misappropriation.


With the Track Everything GPS tracking platform, mining operations could easily be made more efficient. In addition to having a live GPS solution for dispatch, users would also have access to location-based alerts generated based on customizable settings. Many of the GPS monitoring units that are integrated on the Track Everything platform give the option to add extra sensors to vehicles and equipment.


There are many GPS solutions that can be applied to mining. Personal tracking devices with SOS and two way calling buttons can be issued to minors for their safety. Vehicles can be equipped with GPS tracking devices that monitor a variety of conditions including temperature, fuel levels and even moisture. Equipment can even be tracked with battery powered GPS trackers. However, some mining operations take place underground, so a means of communicating information, such as a wireless network, needs to be set up within the mining space. These devices all need to be heavy duty and shock proof. The Track Everything platform can even import data from a device that has not reported for long periods of time thanks to archival features present on both the GPS device and the Track Everything platform.

GPS Tracking Devices

-STC IntelliTrac A1 Series
-Sanav GX-101
-Cal-Amp LMU-1100
-Cal-Amp LMU-1200

GPS Tracking Sensors

-RFID Reader
-Satellite Modem
-Moisture Sensor
-Temperature Sensor