GPS Tracking – Law Enforcement / Police

GPS Tracking Solutions for Law Enforcement

Government agencies have a wide variety of tracking needs ranging from VIP tracking to large vehicle tracking. The wide range of tracking requirements and needs is just the beginning of government needs. There are also other services, such as video surveillance from vehicles and other assets that agencies need to deploy.

Business Needs:

What scale of GPS tracking does your government operation need to deploy?
What kinds of customization needs are required for your unique solution?
Are there any unique security requirements for operations of your particular government agency?


Government agencies need security, simplicity and efficiency. That is why a GPS tracking platform must be fully featured, easily accessible and user friendly. In addition, there must be plenty of room for customization and new innovation.


With the Track Everything GPS tracking platform a government agency will get nothing but the best in GPS tracking solutions. Track Everything software is browser based, so there are no updates to install. In addition, we take great pride in our user-friendly interface and professional grade security measures. Our wide array of integrated devices allow for many different configurations and sensor integrations.


Security, law enforcement and vehicle tracking are just a few of the government use cases that can be addressed with the Track Everything platform. Vehicle tracking can be done by a variety of different devices and with a variety of sensors. Government maintenance vehicles will normally need a simple GPS tracking device installed within a vehicle to track location, speed, and even altitude for some devices. Sensors can be added to make the vehicle more secure and easier to detect misappropriation. Law enforcement can use a variety of GPS tracking devices such as the Portman FG-100 for gun control or the Portman CTS-100 for covert tracking of vehicles. Security can take advantage of personal GPS trackers to maintain the constant location of VIPs for their safety and security. A panic button can also be used to send automated alerts to contacts designated in the Track Everything platform.

GPS Tracking Devices

-Xirgo XT-2000-O
-Cal-Amp LMU-1200
-Cal-Amp LMU-4200
-Sanav CT-24

GPS Tracking Sensors

-PTO (power take off)
-Fuel Sensor
-Humidity Sensor
-Temperature Sensor
-Contact open and close