GPS Tracking – Insurance


Companies with large fleets or large collections of expensive equipment often protect their assets with expensive insurance policies. Business owners are always looking for ways to lower the monthly fees that they pay to these insurance companies that can also be cost effective to their businesses.

Business Needs:

How many mobile assets does your organization insure each month?
In what way could your organizations policy be reduced each month while still benefiting your business?
Does your organization struggle with inefficiencies or constant loss of assets?


By adding a GPS tracking device to a fleet of vehicles or collection of valuable assets, businesses can save money on their monthly insurance fees. A GPS device also offers the benefit of knowing where assets are at all times for a minimal loss of assets to theft or misappropriation.


Users of the Track Everything GPS platform will reap the benefits of a cost effective service. Insurance fees will be reduced thanks to a GPS tracking system, but that is not the only cost benefit gained from Track Everything. Users can also save money by finding and eliminating inefficiencies with the wide variety of reports offered on the Track Everything platform.


Insurance companies have a variety of software tools to take advantage of on the Track Everything GPS tracking platform. The Track Everything report engine can generate detailed analytics and stats about a driver’s driving habits to ensure that they are a safe driver. Safe driving allows for insurance companies to reduce rates for customers and even gather data for better customer service. Just a few examples of these useful devices are listed below, along with the optional sensors that could be installed and used for further data collection for reports and tracking alike.

GPS Tracking Devices

-Cal-Amp LMU-800
-Xirgo XT-2000-O
-Enfora MT-GI
-Enfora MT-GU

GPS Tracking Sensors

-Motion Sensor
-Temperature Sensor
-Door Open and closed sensors