GPS Tracking – Field Services

Mowing, Landscaping, Pool Maintenance, Pest Control

GPS Tracking Solutions for Field Services

There are a wide variety of field services that are offered in the business world. Landscaping, pool maintenance, painting, pest control and many other kinds of companies that often maintain large fleets and invest in a variety of valuable assets. However, these business people cannot always keep their assets safe or be assured that employees are using them properly.

Business Needs:

In what ways can I use GPS to make my assets more secure?
How can I tell if my drivers or equipment operators are doing their jobs properly and efficiently?
What are the benefits of a GPS tracking platform for a small business?


Instead of allowing employees to use precious company resources or thieves to take what is not theirs, adding a GPS tracking unit to company resources can help save time and money for a small business. By eliminating needless waste, employers can lower their monthly operational costs. In addition, companies can even get discounts on their insurance bills for having GPS devices on their vehicles.


With the Track Everything GPS tracking platform, field operations can be monitored for inefficiencies and be protected from theft. Parameters for specific assets can be assigned based on need. Time of operation, distance from a set location, speed limit and much more can be assigned to specific assets. In addition, dispatchers can track vehicle location to determine who is the closest to a work site for more efficient dispatch.


Monitoring where workers are in the field with a one of the GPS tracking devices below is quick and easy thanks to integration with the Track Everything GPS platform. These devices can be installed in any field service vehicle to monitor where vehicles are in relation to different geographical landmarks that can be programmed in Track Everything’s software. Reports can be generated based on the data gathered from the Track Everything platform to help in the elimination of inefficient or destructive driver habits. Sensors can be attached to these devices to gather more data such as temperature, door open and closed, and even a fuel sensor. Field workers can also be equipped with a small GPS tracking device to ensure safety and productivity for all workers. In case of emergencies, SOS buttons can also be used to bring help, all thanks to the great security features of the Track Everything GPS tracking platform.

GPS Tracking Devices

-Cal-Amp LMU-800
-Cal-Amp TTU-1200
-Sanav CT-24
-Cybergraphy G200S

GPS Tracking Sensors

-RFID Tagging
-PTO (Power Take Off) Sensor
-Fuel Sensor
-Temperature Sensor
-Contact open and close Sensor