GPS Tracking – Elderly Care

GPS Tracking Solutions for Elderly Care

Keeping track of an Elderly adult is sometimes a challenge. Confusion and special health needs often require that the elderly be under constant surveillance to ensure their safety and security. In addition, if an elderly adult suffers from a fall or some other health related alignment.

Business Needs:

Do you care for an elderly adult with special needs or health concerns?
Do you have a way to locate and quickly recover the elderly adult under your care if they were to wander away?
How does an elderly adult get help if they are suffering from a health problem?


GPS tracking is a very useful tool for the care of the elderly. It allows nursing home workers and private caretakers to maintain constant contact with an elderly adult. Alerts can be generated based on location status, movement, changes in pressure, and even a customizable alert button.


The elderly can often face dangerous situations such as a fall or even a disease influenced disappearance. A personal GPS device such as the trackers listed below can help track and retrieve a lost elderly adult quickly thanks to live tracking on the Track Everything platform. A panic button or call button can be activated to quickly alert others that a senior citizen is in trouble with the predefined contacts within the Track Everything GPS tracking platform.

GPS Tracking Devices

– Sanav MU-201
– Cybergraphy G200P
– Enfora Mini-MT
– Laipac Tech S-911

GPS Tracking Sensors

-SOS/Panic Button
-Internal Microphone
-Internal Speaker