GPS Tracking – Delivery

GPS Tracking – Delivery

Companies that make their profit by delivering goods need to move them from location to location in the most efficient, economical way. This means that employers must make sure that there are no inefficient practices that take place in there delivery companies.

Business Needs:

In what ways can your delivery service be made more efficient?
How do you keep track of where your delivery assets are?
What kind of information do you need to gather about the work habits of your employees?


A GPS solution for delivery-oriented companies can be used for a variety of purposes. Devices can be installed in delivery vehicles to track them from location to location; they can also be temporarily installed on high priority parcels for maximum security and assurance for a delivery company.


Every tracking device can be associated with customized properties and information that can be easily input and updated on the Track Everything platform. In addition, customized alerts can be generated based on location in relation to customizable geofences or pinpoint locations. There are also a variety of devices integrated on the platform for use in large vehicles or to be attached to small packages.


Delivery services require a great amount of organization, planning and correct execution. By using a vehicle-tracking device such as one of the devices below, delivery managers can always be aware of the location of their assets. Delivery vehicles such as trucks, cars and even a scooter can be tracked with one of the many dedicated vehicle GPS device. Sensors for fuel, door opening and closing, RFID and motion can all be attached to the external I/O of many of these devices for increased security. In addition to monitoring vehicles, small GPS devices can also be attached to important items of delivery for security purposes. A simple harness can be attached to these packages and even be set up to sound an alert if removed from the package.

GPS Tracking Devices

Cybergraphy GlobalTrack G200L
Cal-Amp LMU-4200
Xirgo XT-4500G

GPS Tracking Sensors

-Fuel Sensor
-Temperature Sensor
-Door open/close
-RFID Reader
-Motion Sensor