Time can be critical in finding a lost child.

GPS Tracking Solutions for Child Protection

There is nothing more frightening than losing a child in a crowded mall or amusement park. As a parent or childcare professional, it is important to have a constant eye on a child,  but when that child wanders away or the child is abducted. then what is a care giver to do about quickly locating and retrieving that child?

Business Needs:

How can a parent quickly track and retrieve a child when they are lost or taken?
In what way can a parent place a GPS tracking device on their child?
Does your child have special needs or wander off frequently?


When a child goes missing due to kidnapping or wandering away from parents, it is important for the well being of the child to find and retrieve them quickly. That is why a GPS tracking device and platform is important to have for parents of young and even older children.


With the Track Everything GPS tracking platform, parents have a variety of devices options and customizations that they can use to locate their children. Several devices offer customizable SOS buttons and even two-way voice communication over cellular network. All these features and many more are quickly accessible both from computer and mobile smartphone for quick retrieval of a child.


Losing a child for even a moment can be frightening. With the Track Everything platform, parents can equip themselves and their children to be protected. Personal trackers can be placed in common items such as a backpack to ensure that a child does not wander off somewhere or worse, become abducted by a kidnapper. Parents can quickly look up and reclaim their children before anything bad happens to them. Children can also be trained to hit a panic button or call button in case of emergency. Parents can set their contact information so that the moment an alert is delivered, the parent knows about it.

GPS Tracking Devices

-Sanav MU-201
-StarNav PT-33
-Enfora Mini-MT

GPS Tracking Sensors

-SOS button